About us

Lescinsky Service is a company where we help to reach our customer goals. if You are purchaising professional or building company owner and need to get competitive and high quality steel materials, steel constructions, building materials, engineering works, skilled workers or to solve any other problem You are facing, we can help. Our experience and wide network of companies and experts of building sector will help to find the best solution for Your production or  building projects.

What we do?

- Source for the standard and non-standard raw materials for Your production;
- Solutions for steel constructions - we will help to win tenders with amount calculation of steel, finding and offering best possible solutions of production (price, quality, delivery time and payment terms) and will help with all other steps in implementation of project;
- Engineering works (Structural and workshop drawings);
- Source for construction materials;
- Source for skilled workers (welders, carpenters, concrete workers, etc);
- Transport solutions (trucks - standard and over dimensional, containers, shiploads and other);
- Other help with different business related questions;
We have used to find solutions for all type of projects from simple warehouses to large and complex projects. 
You are welcome with Your inquiries and questions/