Lescinsky Service at Riga High Level Conference on Transport and Logistics

SIA "Lescinsky Service" CEO Armin Lescinsky have participated in Riga High Level Conference on Transport and Logistics “Connecting Asia with Europe” Riga, June 3-4, 2014. New contacts and ideas gained for delivery of goods from Asia.

We heard about transport infrastructure developments from both national and international perspective. Providing perspectives from their individual countries were Mr. Askar Mamin (Kazakhstan), Mr. Uģis Magonis (Latvia), Mr. Rustam Kutlyev (Turkmenistan), Ms Wang Yanhua (PRC). With international and European perspectives, we heard views from Mr. Janusz Lacny of the International Road Transport Union, Dr. Libor Lochman of the Community of European Railway and Infrastructure Companies, and Takao Omori from a company called Portek in Singapore specializing in port engineering and operations that is active in Riga. Now, Alexandr Saltanov of Russian Railways is speaking. Amongst other things, we learned that Latvia’s railways have a current capacity of 65mn tons and that 2mn tons were sent along the Baltic Transit route to Kazakhstan. Speakers generally agreed that the plans to improve infrastructure and the quality of services will naturally result in increased volumes of cargo on the routes between Europe and Asia.

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