Production and delivery of Steel structures to Norway

At the end of year 2015 Lescinsky Service have provided service of production and delivery of 56 tons of painted steel structures to Trondheim, Norway.
Structures were successfully assembled withhout any claims from the builder.
Currently we are working on more tender projects with the customer.


Lescinsky Service delivery and production of HSQ beams

With the effort of Lescinsky Service it has been found the steel frame structure producer in behalf of buyer who fullfiled all the requirements and delivered ordered goods in requested time and quality. Totally in project there were delivered about 150 tons of steel structures.
In this project Lescinsky Service have provided following services:
1)Send out inquiries to pre-qualified producers and negotiated price to target level;
2)Was a mediator between buyer and producer at negotiating agreement terms and signing agreement;


Galvanized steel structures for fences

SIA "Lescinsky Service" have started cooperation with companies in local market with deliveries of galvanized steel structures for the construction of fence beams. First deliveries have received very good references from the customers and we are continuing to offer new products in our range as well as galvanized structures or other custom made products.


About us

Lescinsky Service is a company where we help to reach our customer goals. if You are purchaising professional or building company owner and need to get competitive and high quality steel materials, steel constructions, building materials, engineering works, skilled workers or to solve any other problem You are facing, we can help. Our experience and wide network of companies and experts of building sector will help to find the best solution for Your production or  building projects.

What we do?

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